by Fortpolio

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album cover model: Milo


released August 20, 2016

all songs written and performed by Fortpolio (Gracie Folds and Elijah Wells)

recorded with help

Gracie Folds is a Czechoslovakian crime-fighting vigilante, best known for her timeless smash hit "Hallelujah."

Elijah Wells is a part-time amphibian librarian in Anchorage, known around town for his killer homemade spam and a happy-go-lucky temperament.

special thanks to the DMV, Will Rogers State Park, replacement guitar strings, Evertune, the concept of multiple takes, Gracie's patience, midicello (one word), Charlotte Mildenberger for bass and sick raps, all the other cool peeps out there, and whoever owns Rocket Carousel Studios



all rights reserved


Fortpolio Los Angeles, California

Fortpolio is Gracie Folds and Elijah Wells, two hip teens who like dogs.

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Track Name: Polo Ball
everything you did and said was wrong
and it was all because that one day
i had been mean to you

they threw the football at your face
they broke your nose and laughed away
and nothing, nothing ever happened to them

if you could run away one day
you would run all the way
and let's face it, we know you're not that talented

until the day you jumped up on that horse
and swung your arm around
and to everyone's surprise you hit the mark

if we could go on a trip one day
to see the way it happens

we could go on a trip one day
and all say hi and listen to that band you like

a razor scooter hit my ankle
hit the horse's head on the mouth
and then you ran around crying

the fire hydrant blew up
there was water in your mom's car
and you didn't know what to do until your dad arrived

if we could go on a trip one day
we'll talk about it on the car ride

we could go on a trip one day
that restaurant you like is on the other side of town

it's a semi-rational fear
of being hit in the head
with a polo ball
Track Name: Endless Pools
endless pools don't do well in earthquakes
i wouldn't know but i would guess
the water rolls down the hill
hits them harder
than the pain in their chest

on the Oregon Trail, you died of pleasantry
he has her, she has him
you don't have me

the art is very unique at your house
and the world outside of it is upside down

and yours is everything in store
all of this is mine because
you're a hero
the saint with cotton pockets

they are not mine
Track Name: Candor & Rose
don't leave me home, swear I can hold you up
candor and rose, it won't be warm enough
seems so neatly dotted out, a lot of it was close
you saved face by being on the phone

insist I come, he thinks I'm fine, but I don't
have the trauma or the proof to show
icy creasing colors on the table, azure note
one less honest promise to parade around the throne

the modern art, my dying friends, it's cold
unjustified, it's all made up you know
seems so neatly dotted out, a lot of it was close
saved you from strained eyes and slight neck pain, I could never write my own
to tear apart and throw

they call to know it's not too far to walk alone
it won't be warm enough for the candor or the rose
i see you folding letters on the table as you talk
punching loaded feathers on unstable mattress tops

love for the wonderment, the imagery
the day wonder meant the world to me
seems so neatly dotted out, he wrote the right things too
scenes were not included, and images unused

my neighborhood's on fire and the mail won't make it out
Track Name: Sara Dipped In Tea
Sara dipped in tea
by her mother
who said she'd not recover
from a married man

Sara swam with sharks
and ate with birds
and complained that her eyes hurt
so she looked away

Sara dipped in tea
Sara dipped in tea

Sara dipped in tea
once moreover
it sort of felt like home
but she couldn't stand

Sara hit her head
on the ceiling
the glass didn't break
but it didn't feel great

Sara dipped in tea
doesn't want to see the things she paid to see
and the tour guide takes her by the hand
it was a long time ago, you don't have to be scared

Sara doesn't know what to say, oh x2

Sara dipped in tea
when she was older
an ocean rose around her
and she couldn't see

oh who to think to fly when you could swim?
Sara wonders cuz she never had
she just opens her hand
and the bug flies away

Sara doesn't know what to say, oh x2

Sara hates to hear all the ways
she tried but couldn't say what she wanted to say
Sara dipped in tea
by her mother
of course she'd never tell you
even if you ask

Sara dipped in tea
doesn't want to eat the things she bought to eat
and the waitress looks really concerned
is there something wrong?, she asks
and Sara doesn't know

*mouth drum fill*

Sara doesn't know what to say, oh x4

Sara dipped in tea,
takes the world
one dilemma at a time

as soon as she gets through this one,
she promises she'll be fine
she promises she'll be fine.